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Tue Feb 7 21:55:26 PST 2012

Greetings Chemin Noir,

This gentleman contacted me tonight and extended a kind offer to come 
visit them at their newly formed College in Calontir this weekend for 
those that might not be attending Kingdom A&S this weekend, so I told 
him I would place his invite on the list.  His message is as follows:

I would be honored with the attendance of any good people not attending 
your Kingdom's A & S competition at our Masqued Ball.  We are an 
incipent College located on Calontirs Southern border in the town known 
as Arkansas City, KS.  We are all new to the SCA and hope to make many 
friends and meet a good number of our neighbors to the South.  Because 
we are all rather new the dances will be a little further apart with at 
least a little coaching between dances, so it would be perfect for any 
to attend.  The old dance pro who can guide by their presence to the 
veteran SCAer who has never really tried dancing yet.

We will be in the Cowley County Community College Recreation Building 
located at 617 W. Washington Ave. in Arkansas City, KS, which is itself 
located at the junction ao US 166 and US 77.

Please feel free to contact me if you need more details.

Myghal Stanborough
Theobald College (incipent)

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