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If you missed the meeting last night then you missed the news!!!! I traveled the long lonely road between Brad Leah and Eldern to invite you all to our Pennsic Pity Party/Revel on August 4th, 2012!!!!

We're currently in the process of revamping the old Shire of Brad Leah. We've been meeting for 6 months with good results, and because of this, we're hosting an unofficial event and we'd love to have you! 

We are still in the planning stages (yeah, I know...we're a little pressed for time) but we're going to pull this together! We need heavy fighters! We need rapier fighters! Bring your banners and your sense of fun! We need YOU! We'll be hosting a feast in the evening, so get your RSVP in EARLY! There will be dancing, there will be singing, there will be fun and amusement! 

So if you're NOT going to Pennsic, please consider coming and supporting Brad Leah in it's smallish event! 

I will be posting the site info soon! But until then, please look over our tempting tasty feast menu (subject to change as needed, of course). An unofficial site fee is being asked for so that we may recoup the cost of the venue only. Everything else is being donated!

Lady Sorcha McCullogh
UNOFFICIAL Seneschal of Brad Leah's UNOFFICIAL group


Aut-o-crats: Lady Sorcha McCullogh
(Tamara Sorcha Taylor)
(940)337-5397 (please txt or leave msg)

Mari the (formerly) Lost
(Brandice Snowden)
(940)447-4089 (please txt or leave msg)

Feast-o-crat: Virginia Flores
(940)237-0130 (leave msg)

Site Fee: $5/Fam. Max $15
Feast Fee: $3


Now accepting RSVP's for FEAST!!!! Please send your RSVP to Virginia or Sorcha!

FEAST (subject to change):

1st Remove:
Beef and onion soup
Roasted Garlic and Oil

2nd Remove:
Mushroom dish

3rd Remove
Venison or Beef roast
Doormice (Chicken)
Mediterranean Rice Salad

4th Remove:
Fruits & Veggies

5th Remove:
Honey Cakes
Apple Tarts

Please contact Sorcha or Virginia for ALLERGY restrictions.

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