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Mon Mar 2 17:13:31 PST 1998

Here's the word on archery.


Most of the program does not bother me because it being confined and
controlled. However, you can not control an arrow once in flight.  I have
some concern for the participants and  for the spectators or someone just
walking by the area. Being an archer, I am very familiar with this sport and
what an arrow can do. They are dangerous and can kill. An arrow head can
fall off, a protective device can fail, a shaft can break and ricochet.

I do not know who can approve or disapprove such an event. Representatives
of UH might consider the event "IF" it can be shown that the event would be
carefully supervised, safety a must(especially eye protection), insurance is
provided to protect the university from claims and afford coverage should a
non participant be injured, each participant would have to sign a release
releasing the university of any and all liability and each participant would
have to show that they have medical insurance, and an isolated area could be
used for the sport. Which leads us to the next question - who would the
organization designate the responsibility that all of the above would be

FYI, the university does not have insurance that will afford liability
coverage should someone be injured or property damaged.

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