ANST-Announce - Kingdom practice

Marcus Hite mbhite at
Sat Jan 1 08:22:32 PST 2000

Greetings unto Ansteorra,

I would like to remind all of the Kingdom Rapier Practice, Sunday January
16th after Coronation.  The practice will be held at  Randol Mills Park in
Arlington, Tx, and will be starting at 10:30.  Non-rapier fighters should
free to come out and enjoy the day with us, there's room for all.   So,
plans to attend and join in the fun.

Practice has a web page  with a map to practice site at:
Please pass this information along to those  not on the web.

There will be maps available at Coronation's Gate...thank you Arabella de

Happy new years to all,
Cadet to Don Donovan
mbhite at

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