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Cherie Nolan marguerite at
Wed Jan 19 17:23:43 PST 2000

Greeting from Lady Marguerite des Fleur, Kingdom Secertary, 
Please forgive a double posting of this message. However, I have many people still sending e-mail to my old internet provider. I will not be having the old address much
longer and need to let people know of the changes. Plus the old provider is having my e-mail bounce my e-mail all over the Kingdom. I am also changing my web site address
due to this problem. Please make the changes. The historical picture page is still on the Spinning Winds Web site. It will no longer .com, now it will be .net. The change
to the web site will be in about a week. For now you can reach me by my old web site address. 

Also we have had a huge response to the Kingdom Tent Guild List. We have people who are well known across the known world for their tent making skills. We have people on
the list as far as Australia and England.
This list is educational only. Plus we will be having meetings and start having period encampments as soon as the camping starts again. I will be announcing soon the first
meeting. Anyone is welcomed to join. You can subscribe by going to the Ansteorra's web site and go to the list page. Again thank you for your time in letting me post this
message on the list. We are looking far to having you on the list! 
Marguerite des Fleur!     
Please note the address change on the web site and the personal e-mail!

Spinning Winds Pavilions and Tents:
Kingdom of Ansteorra's Tent Guild: tentguild at
Kingdom Secretary Lady Marguerite: marguerite at
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