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Maureen Faulkner ladydaungerous at
Mon Jan 24 07:14:03 PST 2000

Hi Pippa, thanks for the call about literary salon. Unfortunately, tonight is Westgate's last
planning meeting before Winter Collegium (and it's at our apartment) so we can't be there. Please
remind us next month and we'll try to go. Thank you.
Maureen & Malachai

--- Susan Bowen <bbowen at> wrote:
> The Literary Salon of the Stargate will meet at my house Monday January
> 24 at 7 PM. We are reading about Courtly Love from Cantor's Medieval
> Reader. Please join us for a good discussion, even if you have not had a
> chance to read the selections.
> Directions:
> Take the Bingle Exit off of I 10 (3 exits west of the West Look
> interchange)
> Go North on Bingle.
> Go through 3 traffic lights. The 3rd one is Westview.
> Just before you get to the 4th traffic light, turn right on Forum. (It
> is across the street from a Honda Motercycle Shop.)
> Then turn right on Ronson.
> The address is 1601 Ronson and it is about 2/3 of the way down the
> street on the right.
> We'll put a shield in the yard.
> Pippa
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