CR - Space allotment per person at GWIX

Jerry Dreifuerst morganson at
Mon Jan 31 09:54:14 PST 2000

Greetings Coast,
Othar here.

Below is the full reply I received from Baron Lucais.  Looks like 225 sq. 
ft. to me.

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Greetings Othar,

The space allocation is 15' x 15'.  That's a little bigger than last year at 
10' x 15'.

I'm still negotiating for bigger areas.


----- Original Message -----
>A group of (us) Stargaters is planning to camp together and the organizer 
>is gathering the names, etc.  In the info passed on to the camping members, 
>the amount of space reserved per person was listed as 15 square 
>feet.(?!?!?!?)  I'm relatively sure this can't be the amount because as a 
>300+ lb fighter, I take up 16.25 sq ft just myself.(6.5' X 2.5')  Could you 
>please send me the correct per person allotment number so the Lady and I 
>can plan our campsite?  Thank you for continuing to work so hard to make 
>the Gulf War(s) so much more enjoyable for fighters like me.
>Centurion Othar Morganson
>of the Barony of the Stargate
>in the Kingdom of Ansteorra
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