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At long last I am responding to your request about former Stargate Bards:
Stargate Bards and Artisans

9-83  AS18 Baronial Championship and Bardic Competition
   Baronial Bard Brenden O’Corregh (not sure of spelling)

2-90  AS24 Baronial A&S
   Baronial Bard--Lady Fedelm ni Uihdir

12-90  AS25 Yule
   Bard of the Stargate--Karina des Pensees

12-91  AS26 Yule
   Bard of the Stargate--HL Jalali of Salamis

12-92  AS27 Yule
   Baronial Bard?Brenna nic Graeme

12-95  AS30 Yule
   Bard Avatar of Catsprey

"John F. Hirling" wrote:

> Do you have a list of the titled bards for Stargate?  A call has gone out on
> the Bard list and I'll respond with as much info as I can pick up.
> I know the current bard but can't remember her name -- then before that I
> can only get back to Avatar
> 1
> 2       Lord Breoghan the Music Maker
> 3       Lord Gerald of Leesville
> 4       HL Ihon Vinson macFergus
> 5       Master Avatar of Catsprey
> I hope to make the Guild
> --ihon
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> |Please join us on the 4th Monday of May to discuss "How the Irish Saved
> |Civilization" by Thomas Cahill. We are just starting our discussion. It
> |would be helpful to have read the first chapter or two of the book
> |before you come. The discussion will be at my house in Spring Branch.
> |Call 713-984-0416 for directions. Hope to see you then.
> |Baroness Pippa
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