CR -War Practice Seawinds July 9th

Michael Tucker michaelt at
Thu Jul 6 10:33:27 PDT 2000

Hi, Wayland:

Several of us from the Defends of the Coast (Alexis, Ulsted, myself, maybe some
others) will be in the vicinity (Rockport) Saturday evening. We'd be delighted
to meet you guys for practice there on the beach on Sunday morning, or
preferably at the Rapier Academy site if the event steward could find us a
corner somewhere to play. :-)

However, adding another hour to our return trip home, to make a practice that
doesn't start until 4 pm, doesn't seem feasible. You guys have fun without us.
We'll catch up with you at the next practice.

Michael Silverhands
Captain of the Defends of the Coast (how did I let Ulsted talk me into that?)

LrdWayland at wrote:
> Just a reminder, after the Rapier Academy there's a war practice in Seawinds.
> It will be Sunday, July 9th at the Water Gardens at 4PM
> Wayland
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