CR - Area History at Summerthing

Susan Bowen bbowen at
Mon Jul 10 10:02:22 PDT 2000

This is Baroness Pippa.
I am going to teach a class at Stargate's Summerthing on Stargate
History. I can do this by myself, but I was just thinking it would be
cool to have other nearby groups bring info about their histories as
well, and we can share. Our histories are so intertwined that you may be
able to add something that I have forgotten, or I may remind you of some
piece that has been missing from the puzzle of your history. I have a
huge database of local history that we can use as a resource. We can
also share ideas about how to keep track of our histories. If this
intrigues you, please respond so that I will know how much time and
space to ask Ceara for at Summerthing. Oh, if this turns out well, it
could be a goldmine for bards as well, so bards please attend and help
us tell our stories.

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