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Mon Jul 10 13:20:53 PDT 2000

Greetings fellow Warlords, brothers in arms, and lurkers,
At the Coastal war practice this weekend at Rapier Academy one underlying
problem we should address at practices became apparent, leadership.

To explain what I mean, there is always one person who is ultimately in
charge of a force, and they should have subordinate commanders.  These
subordinate commanders must be proactive, meaning they must not fall into
the "I'm not commanding so I'll just do as I am told" mentality.  These
subcommanders must be looking for opportunities, ready to adapt to the
situation and overcome unforeseen obstacles.  It is important that all the
troops in a unit be able to lead in this effective manner, for very often
one's commander is taken out, and one who was once a shieldman, now needs to
lead his/her unit to victory.

I intend to practice this down here in Seawinds this week by having a
commander pick two subcommanders and we will be practicing flanking
maneuvers.  The commander will "die" shortly into the engagement.  Towards
the end of the practice, the commander will live throughout the engagement,
and in effect we will have three commanders with one being ultimately in

I found the tactics being used by the Coastal region's two major units
nearly identical and evenly matched.  The units were able to meld rather
well as we did mix them up.  This being just the first of many practices,
this coastal cohesion will only improve with time.

I personally want to thank everyone who attended this practice.  From what I
can see, our practices are progressing rather well and I will be able to
report to the Kingdom Warlord at Gulf War X that the Coastal Region is
properly trained, armed, and ready for blood.

I remain in your service.
Lawrence the Rampant
CR Warlord
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