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My name is Marcus Aulus, but known in mundania as Omar Jaubert-Bailey.  I am 
rather new to Ansteorra, being a native of Æthelmearc for my entire time in 
the society (Barony of Blackstone, Charleston WV).

I have just recently moved to the Huffman area (north-east of Houston).  
Contact has been made with officers in the Barony of Stargate.  Hopefully I 
will be out in the very near future.

In any matter, the reason for my message is my desire to locate and aquire a 
make-shift suit of armor so I can begin to practice.  Haveing recently 
turned 18, and with a bit of experience with other LARP's, I have been 
working on getting my equipment together so I can finally take part in the 
combat activities within the Society.

If anyone is in the Houston area, and is willing to help, please contact me 
ASAP.  I am not on all of the local lists, so if someone could please 
forward this I would appreciate it.

Semper Servitus,

Marcus Aulus (Omar Jaubert-Bailey)
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