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Talmon Parker tt_ann at
Tue Jul 25 17:28:32 PDT 2000

To kealani;; Please try to get this in the august Over the Edge.
It has the new date for the august archery shoot.

  Unto the Lords and Ladies of Gates Edge, Also to the populus of
Ansteorra. There is great joy in our area. Not only has there been
some developements in the archery marshallate, but there is now
3 marshalls in gates edge proper.Lord eadric and lord iaenmor are
both marshalls at large,and I remain the marshall of Gates Edge.
It's a good thing that this happened when it did. The changes in target 
archery have been implemented,and seem to be working well.
   There has been a change of dates for the august shoot here at
the old house. It seems as if the summer thing is scheduled for our
regular date. So we have moved it to the 19th of August.which is
also the date for pennsic. We have traditionaly had archery on the pennsic 
weekend,But it has always been by choice,not by something
else causing us to move it.
  Anyway That takes care of the changed date. There is not much in
the way of archery, in August in our part of the kingdom. So if anyone would 
like to come out and fling a few arrows at some targets,If you'll let us 
know, we can set up some for you to practice on.
  Now for the month of September, Boy!!!There is going to be lots of
stuff for us to do.
Sept 8-10 is Stargate Baronial {Houston,tx}
Sept 15-17 Defender of the fort-RavensFort {Huntsville}
Sept 22-24 Elfsea defender -Elfsea{ ft. Worth}
Sept 29-1  Battle of the pines-Graywood }Nacogdoches}
  In veiw of all this ,I would like to move the archery practice for Sept to 
Sept 2nd. The royal Huntsman shoot will be held at Defnder
Of the Fort.That's just one more chance for us toshow our stuff.
  Once again my congrats to Lord Eadric and Lord Iaen on their
appointments.REMEMBER!! we shoot for scores at the practices too.
            Lord Talmon
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