CR - The TRF Gate House Roof on Booth 232

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Tue Jul 25 22:27:30 PDT 2000

Hello all
    Brian here,
The Roof is on schedule and I will be getting the scaffold in place this Friday.
    I will start tearing down the roof on the 1st of August and will work on it on the following days:

August 1 2 3 4 5 
August 8 9 10 11 12
                            I will need any and all the help that I can get!

            So come out and help remove all the shingles from the ground and place them in the trailer to be dumped. We will need to paint the plywood on the edges for the eaves and I am still looking for a compressor and 100 ft of 3/8 hose for the coil nailer I have Borrowed!
                                    Please pass the word to all

                                                    Brian du Val    :o)
                               your TRF building manager.
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