CR - Melee Practice Tonight

Dawn Freeman meliorar at
Tue May 2 13:47:31 PDT 2000

Greetings All,

Early reports indicate that the area may be under water, but this should not deter participants, unless it is pouring down rain.  We originally choose this spot, because we could still use the parking lot should the grassy area be too wet.  As this is dead week on campus, the parking lot will likely be empty with the exception of us.  I know I will be out there at 7pm, since I have no class tonight, and I would dearly love to have some people to practice with!

Or as Sir Cian suggested, if worse comes to worse we can always find some nice dry restaurant to expound upon life and the pursuit of happiness within the SCA.


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> I'm afraid that it will be too wet, from what I can see of the weather.  I
> told a few people that I would be there, but I didn't figure on swimming.
> William

I am expecting it to be wet, but Cathy and I will be there.  Either there
will be fighting, or dancing (indoors) or we will just see who wants to go
out to dinner and tell/listen to stories.


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