CR - Archery dates for the rest of 2000

Talmon Parker tt_ann at
Sun May 7 13:48:38 PDT 2000

   Greetings from Lord Talmon Willbanks:
This is to let the known world know that these are the dates
for Gates Edge archery Practice/picnic/score shoots. Things are looking 
better as far as attendence is concerned. On may the 6th,
we had 17 people sign the roster. I think that was all of them
but I'm not sure. We had 9 people go to the line to at least try
to shoot some.We hope to have at least twice that many at our july shoot. 
The JUNE SHOOT will be at our annual Mid Summer Faire.
   Hopefully we will have more than we were able to get in last
year.O.K. now all of you mark your calendars These dates are not written in 
stone but for the most part they will hold up for us.
       July8th,aug12,sept2,Oct7,Nov11,Dec9.Oct & Nov.will be during TRF and 
are only tenetive. At your service Lord Talmon

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