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Kim Tucker neassa at
Sun May 7 18:23:57 PDT 2000

Greetings to the list from Mistress Neassa, Baroness of Stargate, deputy
knight marshal of Stargate, and secretary of the University of Houston
SCA student group - the group that allows us to have fighter practice on
the UH campus. (Yes, I'm trying to be official here.)

Lady Meliora said:
> Next week, the UH student group will not be hosting a fighter practice
> on campus.  This is due to our final exam schedules which make it
> impossible for us to be in attendance.
> Please let those who may not be on this list aware of this
> information.

I wanted to repeat what Meliora said a little stronger - please Do Not
show up at fighter practice next Tuesday, May 9th, it is cancelled. This
includes Youth Rapier and Youth Chivalric practice as well.

All other activities that we normally have in conjuntion with fighter
practice on the second Tuesday are also cancelled, including the
Stargate Homemakers Guild and the newly formed Bardic Guild.

I have spoken with Master Leofric and Sir Godwin, knight marshals of
Loch Soilleir and Stargate, and they both stated that practice that
night is offically cancelled as far as both Baronies are concerned.

University of Houston regulations state that at least one officer of a
student group must be present for the group to officially meet. Meliora
and I are the only two officers who are able to attend, and she has a
final that night and I have a final class that will run until almost

If people show up and have a fighter practice without one of us there we
could get the student group in Serious Trouble (tm). I know it's not
very likely that UH administration will find out, but it is not worth
risking a great site for one night's practice.

I apologize for being so repetitive, but the last time we officially
cancelled fighter practice people still came out and practiced. Please
don't jeapardize our meeting place this time.

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