CR - Stargate Baronial Business meeting May 15th--site change

Debbie Spangler paperdol at
Fri May 12 09:48:43 PDT 2000

Unto the Good Gentles of the Stargate area:

Stargate's Baronial Business meeting on May 15th will be held at the home of
HL Ihon Vinson macFergus, 2011 Latexo, Phone: 713-956-0046. The Business
meetings will continue to be held there until further notice. Thank you, HL
Ihon, for the gracious use of your home as a meeting place. Please notify
anyone you know who may not be on this list who may wish to attend this

In Service,
HL Signy Gandalvsdottir
Seneschal, Barony of the Stargate

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