CR - Seeking Archery Marshals

Earl Albrecht erkblk at
Wed May 24 13:23:22 PDT 2000

Where would I look for information on becoming such a marshal?  I'm new to
SCA and here in La Marche Sauvage, looking to get involved in our regions

Erik the Black
Earl Albrecht

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Sent: Wednesday, May 24, 2000 11:10 AM
Subject: CR - Seeking Archery Marshals

> Greetings Coastal Folk,
> I am looking for the archery marshals for the Coastal region.  If you
> you are such, or would like to be an archery marshal for your group,
> email me at: john.steelquist at or ulsted at .  The new
> SCA archery rules require an authorized archery marshal be present at ANY
> target archery, so we need more marshals as soon as possible.
> Thank you for your support,
> Ulsted the Unsteady
> Coastal Archery Marshal
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