CR - Weaving Supplies in Houston?

Delphina Champeaux lady_rapier at
Thu May 25 11:39:26 PDT 2000

There's also a place up in Conroe.  Suzanne Roddy;
Handweaver.  She is very nice and helpful.  Just call
before you go so that she can give directions.  
The phone number I have for her is 409-441-1718.

If you find a local Houston store please let me know
too.  I just love thread and stuff...  :-)

--- Rikki Mitman <esmitman at> wrote:
> Hallo:
> Can someone point me to a source of spun and unspun
> fibers in Houston 
> (other than the spot down in La Porte)?
> Specifically, I'm looking for 
> unspun silk and acid (heat-set) dyes. Wouldn't mind
> picking up some unusual 
> yarns while I'm at it.
> Thanks,
> Teleri ferch Pawl
> who never got beyond basic inkle
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