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Thu Nov 2 18:53:56 PST 2000

Galen, can you e-mail me a map to your house again,
thanks Giovanna
--- "Galen W. Bevel" <galenbv at> wrote:
> The final Squire's and Cadets organizational meeting
> will be this Friday, Nov. 3rd, 7:30 pm at my home. 
> We will be checking the budget and making sure that
> everything is planned for and arrainged properly,
> and we should be getting a report from each
> coordinator as to where things stand for their area
> (Chiv tournies, Rapier tournies, A&S, Bardic,
> persoona, comportment, Equestrian, Archery, etc.)
> including a list of judges names, judging forms if
> any, or other items that need to be prepared.   We
> will need to be sure that all of the necessary site
> prep work is assigned, and finalize plans for
> prizes, court, lunch, feast, etc.
> Thanks, and hope to see you all there!
> Galen K.
> Event Steward
> Hope

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