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Tue Nov 21 12:08:45 PST 2000

Unto the Good Gentles of the Coastal Region,
I want to thank all who attended Autumn Melees and fought alongside me this
past weekend.  I must say I was truly impressed by our fighting ability as a
region and our ability to enjoy ourselves despite Mother Nature.
For those who were unable to attend, the Coastal Region fielded
approximately 20 fighters and battled throughout the day with the Bryn
Gwylad War Company and her allies of approximately 20 fighters.  The Coastal
Region's ability to come together and tie a unit that practices together
weekly has much to say for our ability as a fighting force.  Furthermore,
while only two ballistas were fielded, there were another two ballistas
available on site had there been more participants.  Even furthermore, we
were undermanned 3:1 in the archery department (and a commander knows the
archers are a definite force multiplier in any scenario).
I give a big thank you to the leaders of the Defenders of the Coast, the
Barony of Bordermarch, and Legio Australis:  HE Michael Silverhands and HE
Ulsted the Unsteady, Sir Simon, and Ld. Quintus (aka Wayland of Durloch)
respectively.  What was accomplished today could not have been done by one
individual and I know it is only through your leadership and training that
we did such an exceptional job.
To the many combatants who demonstrated their skill at arms this weekend, I
also say thank you, for without your tireless devotion, we would not be able
to have accomplished what we did.
I ask all to keep up their training, incorporate the new techniques taught
by Sir Simon this weekend and let me know how it works.  If there is
anything I can help with, just email me and I will do what I can.
The next major melee event will be Siege of the Abbey and this year there
will be a Siege Weapons Defender Tourney sponsored by me.  Of course the
copious amounts of melees will take place (in the arroyos!).
I remain your humble servant,
Ld. Lawrence the Rampant of Ram's Isle
CR Warlord
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