[CR - Re: A Challenge to All 6-to-9-Year-Olds]

Wendy Freeman/Otte wyllow at netscape.net
Mon Nov 27 11:10:47 PST 2000

>From Belle de la Tour:

I just turned 6!  Aunt Mel has made me armor, a sword, and a shield for Boffer
fighting, and my Mom says that she won't yell at me if I start learning to hit
people at the University of Houston practice!

[MOM'S NOTE: Belle will probably be going through armor inspection/correction
this Tuesday.  There is always *something* that is missed or doesn't fit quite
right, and isn't caught until you're standing on the field.  
She will also need to learn the pre-fighting basics from any chivalric fighter
willing to get her started.  (I've taken the required children's marshalling
class - but I'm not a chivalric fighter.)
After that, she would love an opponent.  
We will be at all the December fighter practices.]

--Lady Wyllow of the Loch

<....6 months earlier.....>
"Joey Wolf" <aramis_de_loup at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Greetings milady Belle,
> I can't wait to hit you with my sword.  Will you be at practice this 
> Tuesday?
> Aramis de Loup (Aramis Wolf)
> -aka-
> Joey Wolf
> >Belle de la Tour replied with: My mommy says I am still too young, and says

> >a prayer to God.
> >My birthday is at the end of November, and Aunt Mel say I can play then.  
> >She
> >says she will MAKE my mommy let me play.  She has bigger swords than my 
> >mommy,
> >so I think I will get to play.
> >
> >I tried to practice with a stick on Saturday, but Agrippina made me stop 
> >and
> >say I was sorry to the boy I hit.
> >
> >Please don't stop practicing - I want to have someone I am allowed to hit 
> >when
> >I am old enough!
> >
> >Belle de la Tour
> >(a.k.a. Belle Otte)
> >"Joey Wolf" <aramis_de_loup at hotmail.com> first wrote:
> > > From Aramis de Loup to the children of the Coastal Region,
> > >   greetings...
> > >
> > > At tonight's Fighter Practice, no one stepped forth to cross blades with

> >me.
> >
> > > I was the only 6-year-old with boffer armor, and had no one to play with

> >me.
> >
> > > It was very humiliating... I had to practice with a tree!
> > >
> > > Please ask your mommy's and daddy's to help you make some boffer armor.
> > > Then, join me on Tuesday nights at UH. We'll have a blast!
> > >
> > > I have to go to bed now.
> > >
> > >
> > > Aramis de Loup
> > > -aka-
> > > Joey Wolf
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