CR - Stargate / Loch MELEE Practice 2/6

John F Steelquist ulsted at
Fri Feb 2 16:41:47 PST 2001

This coming Tuesday will the monthly MELEE practice on the UH Main
campus, entrance 13 off Cullen, at 7 pm.  With Gulf Wars only weeks away,
it's time to come on out and make sure you're armor still fits and you
have all the parts...  It will also help your fellow warriors recognize
you, so you don't get a nasty surprise on the field in Meridies (Oh, are
you on our side?  Sorry about that ;) ).

Since Gulf Wars is so close, we're planning on doing some melee practice
at *every* fighter practice between now and then.  However, we really
need to get everyone who is going to Gulf Wars out for these dedicated
Melee practices so we can start working as a team and get a good troop
count to His Majesty.

Even if you don't have all your armor, come on out, and we can get you
some help, or set up an appointment with one of our armorers.  We can't
help you get on the field if we don't know you need the help.  Bring what
you have, too.

See you all there,

Ulsted the Unsteady
Kingdom Warlord

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