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>1. To finish the most sewing in a two and a half hours.
>2. Have the nicest or neatest sewing.
>3. The most helpful group.  i.e. help each other. Not just your group.
>1. Up to five members per team.
>2. All fabrics must be washed. (if washable)
>3. Each individual entry maybe in any stage of readiness.  i.e. cut
>   out, not cut, pinned to be sewn or partially sewn.
>4. Judges must see the starting point for each contestant's entry.
>5. Must have all tools for each stage of your "sewing Project" or make
>   arrangements for "your" tools.  i.e.  pins, scissors, patterns,
>   sewing machines, thread, etc.
>6. No stalling questions when asking for help from another team.
>   Points will be deducted if Judges deem that a team member are
>   asking questions to take time away from an opposite team.
>7. No hiding of equipment from contestants.  Points will be deducted
>   by Judges.
>8. When time is called each team must lay out all entries for judging.
>9. Each team must stand for judgment.
>Judges Rules and Guidelines:
>1. Must see starting point of each team members work before start
>   time.
>2. Points may be deducted if a team or member of a team is found
>   cheating.  i.e.  asking stalling questions, hiding equipment or
>   anything judges deem inappropriate.  One point will be taken off
>   for each violation.
>3. Judges may inspect all works through-out competition. BUT must NOT
>   interrupt team members.
>4. When time is called Judges must examine all work. A point system of
>   1-5 will be used. 1 being o.k. - 5 being excellent.
>5. There are three categories:  1. the most finished. 2. the nicest or
>   neatest. 3. the most helpful.
>6. All points will be tallied.
>7. Judges will call for all teams to stand and Judgment will be made.
>Start time will be at 7:30pm sharp and will run until 10:00pm.  All prep
>will be conducted from 7:00 -7:25pm.  All Contestants, Judges and peanut
>galleries must be in SEWING STADIUM no later than 7:15pm.
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