CR - Garb workshop

Heather Jones hjones at
Wed Feb 7 14:54:02 PST 2001

Need a second pair of hands to fit a garment?  Need a big area to cut out 
that houppeland?  Need an idea for "just one more outfit"?  Then you need 
the "War Garb Workshop"!

"War Garb Workshop"
February 24 and 25, 2001
10:00 am to 5:00 pm, or there-abouts

For all those who have discovered that their wardrobe is not large enough 
for a week long event (or for those who have discovered their wardrobe is 
just not large enough) the Westgate Sewing Guild is hosting a sewing frenzy 
workshop.  Bring your fabric, patterns, machines, problems and 
questions.  All levels of expertise are welcome, including those who are 
new to the SCA and working on their first garb.

The workshop will be held at my house in the Katy area.  Please email/phone 
for directions.

Drinks, munchies, cutting/layout space, and fitting help all available at 
no extra charge <grin>

See you there!

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