CR - Tapestry Guild on Hiatus

Suzanne Powell suzanne_powell at
Tue Feb 20 08:17:45 PST 2001

Greetings All!

I just found out yesterday that I will be presenting two papers at a conference
to be held March 4,5,6.  Because of that and the sheer volume of things that
still need to be prepared for Gulf Wars, I am calling a hiatus for Tapestry
Guild until after the War.

After the war, I'd like to change the meeting date from 1st and 3rd Wednesday
to 1st and 3rd Friday.  I know this may occasionally conflict with out-of-town
events, but hope it will not be too much of an inconvenience.

See you all at War!!!

-- Suzanne

Lady Suzanne de la Ferté  
Stargate/Westgate, Kingdom of Ansteorra
Suzanne C. Powell                            Houston, Texas 
                                   suzanne_powell at

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