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Tue Jan 2 07:10:21 PST 2001

Due to conflicts both mundane and SCA, the first Heraldic commentary meeting 
is rescheduled to Wednesday, January 10, rather than Wednesday, January 17 as 
printed in the January _Two Towers_.  The updated announcement is repeated 

(At least, the meeting will be held a week earlier if our Chronicler doesn't 
kill me.  It would be justified; Lady Eibhlin worked so hard to fit the 
announcement in even though I was late and to correct my original 
fumble-fingeredness over the date, and now this ........ Eibhlin, one of the 
conflicts is Westgate's Populace Meeting.  You want to go to that, don't you? 
 Rather than being in jail?  Please?)

The troublesome announcement:
New Year, New Opportunity - Heraldic Commenting Session

Those who are interesting in helping influence heraldic submissions during 
the process can do so by attending the monthly commenting session that is 
starting in January.  The first session will be "Learning How to Comment" on 
Wednesday, January 10 at 7pm.  All are welcome, and this session will be 
useful to those who are working on their own names and devices.  We may be 
able to work with current submissions; if not, we will still learn how to 
check for conflict on names and devices, and how to evaluate documentation.  
The meeting will be at the home of Baroness Kathri.  A handout will be 
available at Stargate populace on January 8, or you can contact Kathri for 
directions at 713-263-8259 or kathri at

Kathri the Calendarly Challenged

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