CR - Stargate Fighter Practice

Tex Duo texduo at
Tue Jan 2 19:06:27 PST 2001

We will not be at Fighter Practice either.....Eibhlin just got home after 
having surgery on her hand. She is resting and doing fine... Nothing that 
alot of rest and TLC won't cure....
see you all soon

gofer for his Lady

>Greetings to All and a Happy New Year and Merry Eighth Day of Christmas!
>I have no idea if practice is on or off for the evening, but I'm wimping
>out.  Yes, there is a previous engagement, but it wouldn't matter.  I
>will keep to the relative warmth of home.
>I hope Christmastide fids all who receive this missive safe, well &
>Sir William of Weir
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