CR - Lace day with some fancy work on the side. Kathri at
Thu Jan 4 09:17:50 PST 2001

In a message dated 1/3/2001 10:33:12 AM Central Standard Time, 
lady_rapier at writes:

> If you are interested in joining us in a day of
>  sharing please let me know. (I'm looking for more
>  chairs as we speak. <g>)  

Delphina, I'd like to come.  I'll have some hand-work to do, but I'd like to 
try my hand at lace-making without investing a lot in supplies first.  On the 
other hand, I certainly don't want to ruin anyone else's work.  I do have my 
own chairs - two of them! - in the trunk of the car, so you don't have to 
find one for me.  

Please send me directions; I think I have them around here somewhere but 
finding them before Saturday might be a challenge.  Or an address that 
MapQuest recognizes would do fine.

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