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Koch, Kimberly (MKS) Kimberly.Koch at
Fri Jan 5 10:21:11 PST 2001

Hello all,

As you may or may not know, Lady Chiara Francesca d'Onofrio of the
Steppes (also known as Ches) has been working busily on creating a new
and wonderful scribal webpage for Ansteorra (you can visit it at 

We would dearly love to add a new feature to the site, but we need your
help to do so! We want to build a web gallery of original scrollwork
created by Ansteorra's talented artisans. Please note that at this point
we are looking for *original* scrolls, not the pre-printed charters that
are given with most Ansteorran awards. 

In order to make it easier for YOU to help us with this endeavor, I am
bringing a laptop and scanner to Coronation so that we can scan original
scrolls for anyone who does not have access to either a scanner or a
digital camera. Scrolls of any size are welcome. I can assure you that
the scrolls will be treated with the utmost of care and will be returned
to you promptly. If you choose to transport your scrolls to coronation
for this effort, remember to do so carefully - scrolls should always be
laid flat and be covered by some sort of rigid protection (a frame, a
large flat box, two pieces of sturdy corrugated cardboard).

Please bring with you or email to me as much of the following
information as possible for each scroll. If you do not have all of this
info, please provide as much as you can and we will try to track down
the rest.

- The SCA name of the artist
- The mundane name of the artist
- The source for the scroll (country and time period)
- The kind of scroll (e.g. a duchy scroll, a knighting scroll, a prize
scroll, a reproduction of a page from the Visconti hours, etc.)
- The types of paper, ink, and paint used
- Any special notes about the scroll
-A form that grants permission for us to post the artwork to the web. No
scrolls will be posted without the artist's permission. If you bring a
piece that someone else created, we will scan it for you and try to
locate the artist in order to get their permission for posting. Forms
can be found at

You can also get scrolls to us in either of the following ways:
-Send Ches an image of your scroll or scrolls. They can be scans of the
original piece, digital photos of the original, scans of color copies of
the original, etc. You can reach Ches at ches at
-Send Ches or myself a photograph or color copy of the original so that
we can scan it for you. My snail mail address is in the Black Star;
email Ches for hers. Your photos will be returned to you.

With your help, Ches will be able to create a beautiful gallery for
The purpose of such a gallery is threefold:
- to provide a permanent display of original scrolls created by
Ansteorrans artisans. Sometimes hundreds of hours of work go into these
beautiful creations, and they are seen only on the wall of the recipient
of the award. A web gallery would provide a venue for these works to be
viewed by a broader audience.
- to serve as inspiration and education for other Ansteorran
calligraphers and illuminators, both new and experienced.
- to display to the Known World the great skill and talent of
Ansteorra's artisans. Ansteorra is well known as a kingdom that produces
charters; I would love for us to be known for the exceptional beauty of
our original works as well.

Please email either Ches or myself if you have any questions. We're
looking forward to hearing from you!

Warmest regards,
Countess Sara Penrose
Star Signet
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