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Tue Jan 9 16:40:03 PST 2001

Please join Westgate and her (soon to be Majesty) Highness Saereid, on
February 17th, for an informative and fun filled day of classes on the 'HOW
TO's....' of your SCA lifestyle.  The event is *Westgate Winter Collegium*,
held in the southwest corner of Stargate (Houston, TX).
Here is a list of the classes currently scheduled to tempt your appetite:

All Day Chirurgeon Symposium
All Day Charter Painting
Archery 99
Basic SCA Heraldry
Beginners Beading for Costuming
Beginning Blackwork
Care and Feeding of a Fighter
How to Be a Branch Historian
How to Be a Court Herald
How to Create a Budget for an Event or Feast
How to be Entourage
How to Make an Inexpensive Day Pavilion
How to Pack for War
How to Set up a Demo
How to Write an Award Rec and the Path it Travels
Inkle and Simple Card Weaving
Ansteorran Awards and Insignia
Marshalling for Armored
SCA Knot Tying
Seneschals Warranting Class
So You Want to Be an Event Steward
Survey of Name Construction in SCA Cultures
Treasurer's Warranting Class
What They Didn't Tell You About Being a Seneschal

I'm still accepting classes to be held out of doors, and am seeking some of
the marshalling arts, pending fair weather, of course.   All indoor class
slots are currently full, but I can accept backup/replacement classes.
If interest in teaching, please contact me directly.   Westgate looks
forward to being your hosts.

In Service,   Mistress Hillary Greenslade          WWC Class Coordinator
marsha.greene at
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