ANST-Announce - Gulf Wars

jasonandsaereid jasonandsaereid at
Thu Jan 11 11:30:30 PST 2001

Unto the mighty populace of Ansteorra does this
missive come,

Time grows shorter in our preparations for battle with
Trimaris at Gulf Wars.  The mighty Ansteorran army
needs all of you.  Our Army needs fighters, artisans,
and volunteers. Now is the time to complete your
preparations for the journey ahead to Meridies.  NOW
is the time to pre-register for attendance!! 
Pre-registration means land... and everyone knows the
value of land at Gulf Wars.  If you do not know how to
pre-register go to for information. 
We want to overwhelm them with our enthusiasm and
attendance.  If you have never been to Gulf Wars, this
year is a must!  Ask anyone who has been, it is well
worth the trip for the fighting, fun, friends, and
shopping.  Remember, PRE-REGISTER!!  This is the year
that they are setting the future land allocation
boundaries.  We hope to see many of you at Gulf Wars.

In service to Ansteorra and Victory at Gulf Wars,

Jason - Prince              Saeried - Princess

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