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Mon Jan 15 06:59:11 PST 2001


My name is Aethelyan Moondragon, and as of Coronation 
this past Saturday, I am the Kingdom Youth Rapier 
Marshal. I think I know most of you, but if you and I 
have never spoken face-to-face, please drop me a line.

I intend to travel the kingdom to vist at least every 
region, and I'd like to visit every branch that has 
even the possibility of YR activity. If there is a 
date/time that would be the most convenient for me to 
come see you, let me know.

I have deputised Lord Pieter Rausch as Gulf War YR 
Coordinator. Since he's done a lot of the early work, I 
saw no reason to change horses in mid-stream.

I would also like as many of us as possible to get 
together soon and review the YR program as it has been 
and as we would like it to be. I'd like to do this 
before Gulf War, but that may not be practical. Look at 
you calendars and see what will work for you. Probable 
locations: Bryn Gwlad, Rosenfeld. Other locations would 
be possible as well.

I look forward to upcoming events. Please encourage 
event stewards to include YR where appropriate, and 
have notice of YR events included in Black Star 
announcements. And don't forget that eGroups has a 
pretty good event reminder and announcement feature.

For official correspondence, please use this e-mail 
address (youth_rapier at For private 
or personal correspondence, please use 
ezakes at

See you soon!

Aethelyan Moondragon, KYRM
mka Elisabeth B. Zakes
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