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Sosha Ruark-Cavett lyoness at
Mon Jan 15 21:03:21 PST 2001

Greetings from Bryn Gwlad's Autocrate.
There were a couple of lines edited from the original Announcement that
I need to correct.  Site does open at 10 a.m. but site closes at 11:00
p.m.  Please review HL Donal's posting about the Melee conserning Hobby
horses.  It IS important.
Here are the times for the scheduled activities;

Armor inspection:                 starts at 11:00 for both heavy and

Tournaments:                   starts at 12:00

Baronial A&S:                 starts at 12:00

Populous A&S:                starts at 12:00

Banner Competition:

 starts at 12:00

Pelican Circle:                        starts at 12:00 to 1:00

Games:                                         are on going from 1:00 to

Bardic Tournament:         starts at 1:00

Laurel’s Circle:                starts at 1:00 to 3:00

The Plum Tree teahouse    opens at 2:00

Iron Chef:                                    starts at 4:00

Feast:                                starts at 6:00
                                             Candle dance
                                             Middle Eastern Dance at 730

Court:                               starts at 8:00


closes at 11:00

In Service...
Lady Sosha Lyon's O'Rourke

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