ANST-Announce - Estrella17 Youth Melee Announcement

Master Raffaelle gyrony at
Wed Jan 24 10:17:17 PST 2001

Pray heed words from the Childrens Autocrat for Estrella 17, regarding Youth 
Fighting Activities!

Master Raffaelle
Estrella17 Publication and Promotion Coordinator

Brought to you by the staff of the Estrella War Children's Center, we invite 
one and all to enjoy a full schedule of youth fighting activities at 
Estrella War!!! Other youth tournaments may be arranged during our normal 
hours of operation at the Children's Center, this is only what we have 
confirmed thus far.

NOTE: The rules and regulations we will abide by at this event follow the 
schedule, be sure to read and understand them.  These activities will 
require parent/legal guardian supervision.

   Offered in humble service, I am

   Lady Sorcha ni Dhonnghaile
   Estrella War Children's Steward
   wren at
   (480) 844-3882 (home, before 9:00 pm)

   Schedule of Events:

   Friday - February 15th - Bear Pit Tourney
   Sponsored by Lord Maximillian Utz VonWolfen - bpu at
   List opens at 5:00 pm at the Children's Center Tournament Field
   A prize tournament for the youth of the Kingdoms to be of mixed       
weapons fighting style (no thrust tips permitted).  Tournament list    will 
be divided into 2 age groups, 6-9 and 10-14 with prizes for      both 

   Saturday - February 16th - Youth Boffer Melee
   Sponsored by Lord Kuma - Okikuma at
   Field opens at 2:00 pm at the main Rapier Field
   Melee scenarios beginning at 2:00 pm sharp (not SCA time).  Any    person 
under the age of 18 may participate in the Youth Boffer    Melees.  No 
experience is necessary and we will have plenty of    loaner armor for you 
to use.  I look forward to some great melees    and  meeting you all on the 
battlefield.  We hope to host up to 40    youths on the field at any given 
time so any adults who can help    will be greatly appreciated.  If you have 
any questions please    contact me at the Brotherhood of the Blade/Corvis 
encampment    starting Thursday evening.

   Sunday - February 17th - Estrella War Youth Boffer Prize Tourney
   Sponsored by Lord Gregoire le Gris -  lordgregoire at
   List opens at 1:00 pm at the Children's Center Tournament Field
   A prize tournament for the youth of the Kingdoms to be of sword and    
shield fighting style (no thrust tips permitted).  Entrants will be    split 
into two age groups, 6-9 and 10-14 with prizes for both age    groups. 
Offered by the Shire of WinDale.

   Rules and Regulations:

   What you must have:
   1.  Closed toed shoes, closed toed shoes, and closed toed shoes.     No 
steel toed boots.
   2.  A parent/legal guardian must be present during the entire time    
period that the youth is on the field. (No exceptions)

  What we can provide or you may bring:
   3.  Armor:  Helmet - minimum full street hockey helm which must    cover 
the entire face and skull (including the back of the head).     No leather 
or metal SCA helms are allowed.  Aluminum helms are    acceptable.  Gorget 
or neck protection.  Groin protection - either    troy or athletic cup.  
Elbow and knee pads.
   4.  Types of boffers allowed are:  short swords, swords, two handed    
swords, and glaves.  Since most of the armor will be borrowed under    no 
exceptions will mass weapons, i.e., axes, or spears be allowed     on the 
   5.  Armor is loaned out on a first come basis.
   6.  Melee Scenario Age Divisions:
         6 and under:
         7-9 :  If you want your 6 year old to move up you may.
         10 and up.
         (If you have 100% of your own equipment you may participate         
   through all the groups with some limitations.)
   7.  Since most helms will be borrowed there will be no thrusting    
allowed due to safety concerns.

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