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I am sorry if the cross posting of this message caused any problems.  I felt
that this should get as wide a coverage as possible.
Sir Godwin of Edington
Baron of Stargate
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Greetings All,
I know that there has been some confusion concerning the deadline for
pre-registrations for Gulf War X. The dead line is January 31st, so there is
still time to pre-register! Yes, I know that I stated at Twelfth Night that
the deadline was the 21st, but I was wrong. So if you haven't yet done so,
go to the GW website - it's www - go to reservations and
download the pre-registration form. Be sure to mail it in before 1/31/01.
This is the only way for us to reserve land so it's very important.
HE Sir Pendaran Glamorgan,
GWX Liaison
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