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Delphina Champeaux lady_rapier at
Sun Jan 28 08:03:02 PST 2001


First, my apologies for the cross list posting and for
the Ansteorra specific post on Cadet's and Lady
Rapier. I just wanted to make sure that those who
worked so hard see the thanks. 

I had to leave before court last night and was unable
to add my thanks to Mistress Kaitlyn's to all those
good gentles (many of whom I don't even know your
names)who help at Queen's Champion this weekend. 

Thank you Countess Rebekka, you are a wonderful list
mistress and you made my job much easer. Thank you Don
Tivar, Don Dore and Don Modius for helping with the
armor inspections. Thank you Lord Ihon and all your
heralds for announcing our bouts to the Queen. You did
double duty and were there for us all day long.  Thank
you to the wonderful people who stepped in when our
waterbearer's transportation broke down your help is
unmeasurable. And a big thank you to everyone who
marshaled the fields that day.  I know that many of
you marshaled every bout that you were not in and I
have no words to express my gratitude. 

I know that I have missed many who helped with the
lists.  Please accept my apologies for my limited
knowledge and my deepest thanks that you dealt with
something that I did not even know about.  You service
is great. 

I remain in service, 
HL Delphina de Champeaux
Marshal in Charge of HRM Queen's Champion Tournament

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