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Greetings all,

This is concerning a demo that the Canton of Gate's Edge is sponsoring at
the Tinseltown theater at the Woodlands mall in conjunction with the movie
"A Knight's Tale".  All are invited to come and lend a hand, or sword or
whatever; just come on out and have fun.

Lady Caitlin nan Cnoc Airgead
Seneschal, Canton of Gate's Edge

Carolyn Young
MIS Department
Goodman Mfg.
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Greeting Gentles All,

     We were given a time today by Tinsel Town Cinemas in the Woodlands.
They have granted us 2:00 PM till at least 4:00 PM and hopefully later. All
fighters will have to sign a waiver releasing the cinema from any injury
they may recieve. They ask that no live blades or live weapons be brought.
They in return have offered us a dressing room to change in, their
permission to hand out flyers, and they will try to give us the use of the
entire driveway out front. They would like us to perform a melee if we have
the numbers. We will also most likely need to provide our own barriers.
If you have any questions please email them to me at:
rigali at email.com  I will try and email you back ASAP.

     Also tomorrow night (Friday Night) there will be a 7:50 showing  of A
Knight's Tale that many of us are going to go see in garb. Come join us if
you like. It's 7.50 per adult.

Till tomorrow or Saturday,
William de Clare

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