[Coastal] Taking applications for Coastal Regional Chronicler

Michael Tucker michaelt at neosoft.com
Mon May 14 11:59:11 PDT 2001

Greetings from Michael Silverhands, Kingdom Chronicler:

HL Beatrix d'Angouleme (Jane Bretz) has communicated to me her desire to step
down from the position of Coastal Regional Chronicler. I thank her for her
service to the Kingdom, and am now taking applications for the position.

You must have a current SCA membership, a working phone, and email. This
position's duties are primarily to encourage, advise and assist the local branch
chroniclers in this region. This is NOT simply a report-handling position! You
will be responsible for helping these 10 people do their jobs. You will work
with the kingdom chronicler and coastal regional seneschal to achieve this goal,
and to help maintain a full roster of chroniclers in the region. Informal
monthly reports and a formal report each reign will be expected. Timely and
effective communications are essential to doing this job well.

Applications for this position will be accepted through the end of June (next
month). Please send your applications to me at:

Michael Tucker
2903 Kevin Ln
Houston, TX 77043-1309

Please email me at this address if you have any questions about the office or
its duties.

Yours in service,
Michael Silverhands

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