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Mon May 21 05:37:03 PDT 2001


Officially the student group at UH is not affiliated
with the SCA.  We are the medievil recreationists or
some such.  Basicly we exist as a shell so the two
local baronies can use the campus. I think there are
(is we are generous) 5 students in the group.
Needless to say the former Twyr Cath (the name of the
SCA college group) has not been revived in its former
glory. The best way to get involved would be to figure
out which barony Sealy is in and go from there =)
However, I know that we need to rotate officers next
year, and if you tell Meliora (the current president)
that you are interested I am sure she would be glad to
get you on the roster! The only meeting of the student
group is to have at least 1 of the 5 of us on campus
during tuesday night practices to make sure the group
is allowed as far as UH is concern.  Practices are
every Tuesday at 7pm entrance 13 of UH


--- Richard Culver <rbculver at hotmail.com> wrote:
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> Cyniric hlafard Cyniwarding Wulfricinga does send
> greetings!
>     I just recently moved to the Stargate Area
> (Sealy exactly)  and am aware
> there is a student group of some sort at U of
> Houston.  I was curious if
> someone could point me their way as I will be
> finishing my last two years
> (hopefully) at the U and would like to help where I
> can.  I have met a couple
> of students at Tuesday fighter practices already.
> Thanks and Godspeed,
> Cyniric
> (mka Rich Culver)
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