[Coastal] SCA UH student group

Richard Culver rbculver at hotmail.com
Tue May 22 10:14:28 PDT 2001

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>Greetings Rich,
>The group closest to you, would be the Canton of Westgate in the west
>area of the Barony of Stargate. We meet on the third Wednesdays of the
>at the Alief Publ. Library at 7979 Kirkwood and Beechnut, relatively easy
>to reach
>from the Belt 8 (Sam Houston Beltway). Check out our website at:

   Yes, I attended during my spring break in March.  Quite a good group.  I
will be playing in many areas actually.  Even plan a few farings to Raven's

>Also, you are welcome to participate with the Barony of Stargate, which
>meets on the first Mondays, at the Heights Library, on Heights Blvd. and
>13th, near downtown.

   Thank you I will keep track of that as best I can.  Is there a map
available at the baronial site?


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