[Coastal] Hurry: cleaning out TRF

Kaitlyn McKenna kaitlyn_mckenna at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 6 12:28:04 PST 2002


With the termination of SCA participation at TRF, it is imperative that we
retrieve all of the item and removable fixtures from TRF soon..as in

TRF will be closing for a month on the 13th and we will no longer be allowed
in after that time. This weekend is our only chance to reclaim our property.

I've included a message from Lady Annalies, the scheduled liason for next
year, who is coordinating the removal of SCA property from the compound.

I pulled the shields and the display times and boards, I also pulled the
portable holes.  I put them all over at Shanahan's storage building.  We
need people to come and get their personal stuff.  There are also the window
boxes, the tools, the cabinets in the armoury, 2 clothes racks, 5 wooden
homemade tables, one wooden shelf,
one wooden plant stand, some trellis over the stage and over the lights in
the booths, some loose plywood and some shelving.  I do not know what else
would be able to be pulled out of there, but we need to get everything if we
can. The bunting, banner poles and banners may still be out there.  There is
also the skittles game, I have already pulled the skittles sign, and of
course the SCA shields on the parking lot need to be saved and our SCA sign
over the front of the shop.

I believe that Bowen is planning to be out there today and tomorrow. Anyone
that has a pickup would be great.   Remind people if they are going today to
sign in at the office, if they are going tomorrow and the gate is closed,
call the number on the key pad and the security guard will come and let them


Any help is truly appreciated.

on behalf of Lady Annalies,

Mistress Kaitlyn McKenna, O.L.
Exchequer Ansteorra

Robbin Foster
exchequer at ansteorra.org

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