[Coastal] In need of Blank charters???

coastal Scribe coastal_scribe at ansteorra.org
Wed Dec 11 01:29:40 PST 2002

Greetings all,
I will be at stargate Yule this Saturday anyone needing blank charters
please seek me out. If you do not know who I am yet, you can ask at gate
everyone working it knows me.

Please keep in mind we have a competition going on at coronation, and the
group with the most finish kingdom charters submitted wins a neat gift... I
would love to see it go to a group in the coastal region, I know the greater
stargate area ( Stargate,  Westgate, and Gate's edge already have 16

Also, I will try to have with me the handouts for the Coastal Challenge that
started dec 1 and runs to May 17th. but no promises... They will soon be
available on the coastal scribe website located at

Also soon be looking for a coastal scriptoris mailing list

Take care,
Lady Lisabetta Micola da Monte
Coastal Regional Scribe
Kingdom of Ansteorra
AIM : lisabetta546
Yahoo: ladylisabetta

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