[Coastal] A Christmas Note

Bill Butler chemistbb3 at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 24 11:44:35 PST 2002

Pardon the bandwidth, but this is probably the best
way for me to get this out.

There are those who would say that this is a month
late or even a few days early, but I think this is a
better time.  I am sending this out to all those who
have made this last year one of the best in my memory.
 I will not name names, as I will surely leave some
out and mis-spell others.

You have taken me into your arms as a friend.  You
have given me good and well meaning advice when I
sought it.  You taught me many things, some at the end
of a stick of rattan (LOL). You have allowed me into
the kitchens.   I have read the definitions from the
Corpora, but I have watched you and learned the
meaning of the words I read.  I have learned what
service and chivalry are from watching you.  You have
given me great honors along the way, both by awards
and your friendship.  I have a journey ahead of me
that will be long and difficult as I seek to learn
more, but I know with you around it will be easier as
I will have help and support along the way.  So...

First, I send you all my thanks for what you have done
for me over the year (and the one before).

Secondly, I wish you all the peace and happiness of
this season and the desire that you can carry it
throughout the coming year.

William of  Welewen
(Know by many as William of the Loch)

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