[Coastal] Forgotton Ale

Baronman@aol.com Baronman at aol.com
Tue Dec 31 10:52:06 PST 2002

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I was going throught the SCA closet to clean out any old garb that I don't or
can't wear anymore when I found a box of 12 bottles of ale that I brewed
about three years ago, bottled and then forgot they were put away to age for
6 months into the closet.
I opened one bottle ( lots of foam and carbination ). Tasted great- real
smooth and good body but after 3/4 of a bottle I could start to feel the
My question to any brewers out there- can this ale be stored too long? Does
the alcohol content continue to increase the longer it is stored or does it
stbilize after a time.


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