[Coastal] Equestrian / Siege practice Sunday 3/3/02

ulsted@juno.com ulsted at juno.com
Fri Mar 1 08:38:09 PST 2002


Your last cahnce to practice before Gulf Wars is here!  We will be holding our usual Equestrian and Archery / Siege practice this Sunday at Rohan Farms (Dale & Kathryn's place in Alvin).  Equestrian starts at noon, archery at 2 pm.  There will be siege engines to play with and both combat and target archery ranges set up.  Get that last minute authorization - remember none will be given at Gulf Wars.

Take your best route to Alvin.  Go South on Highway 35 through Alvin, past the Kroger signature store.  Take the next left at a light (about a mile past the Kroger, at a funny Y intersection - sorry I forgot the FM number).  The house is about 2 miles down on the left, just past a bridge.  There will be a banner out.  For better directions, call Dale & Kathryn (281) 756-9621.

See you there,
(281) 648-9823

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