[Coastal] Attn: New Rapier Fighters and Those Who Love Them

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When you say "epee", are you meaning light rapier? My epee is still on
order, and thus I am not authorized to fight with epee.  I am authorized
with my trusty foil (I competed and won the newcomer tournament at Defender
of the Fort last Sept).


Corvin di Fenarro


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It is my pleasure to announce a new tournament to be held at Guardian of
Gauntlet, April 6, designed with the new rapier fighter in mind.

To be eligible for this list, we ask that your first authorization be no
than one year old, and that your fighting experience total no more than a
year and a half.

The list will be epee only, double-elim, with a non-destructive bye being
fought, if necessary- hopefully by a volunteer cadet or White Scarf.
Further rules will be discussed at the tournament.

So new fighters, come out and strut your stuff!  Win praise, adoration, and
more importantly, a spiffy new fighting cloak and other goodies in the

But please!  We need the support of the populace as well.  Come watch,
cheer, place bets, and otherwise show your support for the new fighters of
our fair kingdom!

Questions, comments, bribes, etc. can be directed to Lady Victoria at
dogbert6zinc at hotmail.com, or mailed in a discreet, plain brown envelope.

Hope to see you there,
Lady Victoria Alcon de Castile

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