[Coastal] Coastal Region Land Improvement at Gulf Wars Site

David Jurgens djurgens at energygraphics.com
Tue Nov 5 10:34:30 PST 2002


An expedition to the Gulf Wars site to do land improvements to the Coastal
Region's area has is being planned.  This trip will take place on the
weekend following Thanksgiving, November 29th to December 1st.

As any Gulf Wars veteran can tell you, one of the constants is that it WILL
rain at least one day during the week.  The main focus of this trip will be
to continue drainage improvements to the Coastal area.  The site owner has
agreed to install a drainage culvert under the road that borders the lower
part of our area.  However, he is requiring that we do whatever is necessary
to divert the water up to and then past this culvert.

This is not an easy job.  Although I am trying to arrange for the use of a
tractor to help with this, there is still a good bit of manual labor that
needs to be done.  I am asking each group in the Coastal Region to try and
send 3-4 people to help with this effort.  I know that a weekend trip is not
feasible for groups like La Marche Sauvage, Seawinds and Stone Bridge Keep.
It does not make sense to spend 24+ hours round trip just to do 8-10 hours
of work.  I am sure that Stargate, Westgate, Gate's Edge, Loch Soilleir,
Bordermarch and Greywood can provide the needed resources.  Please know that
I am not excluding anyone.  I just understand the distance issues.

I have made arrangements for bed space on site for 12-14 and I will try to
arrange bed space for all.  However, I will need a firm count before I can
do this.  Please talk within your groups, and when you have firm
commitments, let me know via email (djurgens at energygraphics.com), or phone

More details as to needed equipment, supplies and meals will follow as I get
a better idea on the number of people that will be able to join in.

Thanks to all that can help.


Sir Godwin of Edington
Ansteorran Gulf Wars XII Deputy Liaison
Baron of Stargate

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