[Coastal] Loch Yule Feast Reservations

Diana Steelquist baroness_cateau at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 7 18:18:15 PST 2002

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No problem, I understand completely about Brandy coming first.  But no Gulf
Wars!  Tragedy and woe!  No really, it's OK.  It's good to know you have your
head on straight.  Family first. Always.

As far as Bowen using stuff for their event, no problem.  Neither Ulsted or I
will be going.  We really need a weekend off after about 7 straight of SCA.
If you and Pace are going, maybe ya'll could take the tree thingy?  Just let
us know who will need to go to the store room and we'll make arrangements to
meet them there.


Baroness Cateau d'Ardennes
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>Dear Baroness, I hope all is well with you. Did you understand what Bowen
wanted? Also, I have discovered that we cannot go to Gulf War !!!!!!!!
Brandi's modeling thing is coming that weekend. We learned this Monday night.
Her nutcracker dance is the night of Loch Yule so we want to come for the day
but will have to leave to see it. I believe it is opening night.We don't know
what time yet. Sorry, but she is my baby and is a senior so I want to do this.
Love, Giovanna
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